How does Smart Men’s Flowers work?

When you think of flowers, think of ours.
Overwhelmed by too much choice? We like to keep it simple:

  • 8 beautiful bouquets to everyone’s taste

  • Unique £29 price including next day delivery .

  • Letterbox Delivery (Flowers are delivered through the letterbox, meaning no-one has to be home) or Hand-delivered bouquet (Traditional delivery but it requires someone to be present).

Want to make it even simpler? Get an Annual Gift Subscription
We’ve created a unique special “Annual gift subscription”.
  • Exactly the same but … we ship the flowers annually!
  • Your loved ones will be reminded of your thoughtfulness & love.
  • You'll never miss an event again!
  • Different bouquet every year
  • Email reminder sent 2 weeks prior event.
It couldn’t be easier!
  • Change Events & people at any time
  • Cancel at any time
  • No commitment
  • No fees


Great idea, very efficient and most importantly my Gran loved the flowers. - Tom Hill

Great idea, signed up this morning. - James Elliot

Finally!! This is what we have been waiting for. - Stefanie Krause

I am super forgetful. a big fan of the idea. - Josh Thornton-Allan

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